Where to Get the Best Flower Designs in Singapore

Looking for the best flower stands delivery that could wrap-up your thoughts with utmost elegance? With Beato, the leading online shop within the flower gift industry, the search is now over.

By availing our first-rate services, you could now experience the subtlety of flower and art merged into a single bunch.

Endowed with creativity and trained only by the most impressive hands in the field of floristry, we provide original and quality products that vividly relays the most unfathomable of human emotions. From birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, holidays, to grand openings, we present a variety of seasonal and exotic flowers that could only be accessed in the farthest remnants of paradise.

As the leading online flower shop, we offer hand bouquets, potted floras, vase stylings, and flower stands delivery in Singapore. Each design is crafted with utmost care and passion, aiming to produce only the best that could emerge out of the corner of your minds.

For your guide, here are among our most recognized and applauded services available. Take a look:


Flowers are the ultimate epitome of beauty; however, with the wrong mixture and style, your bouquet could turn out to be the exact opposite. Armed with color proficiency and a natural gift for artistry, we at Beato offers a diverse and rich collection of flowers that can amount to your every need – from the rarest to the grandest designs. Under our service Omakase, there is a distinct and suitable flower style for every occasion.

From the classic bouquet, flora styling in vase, flower stands, creative boxes, or even flowers within signature buckets, we’ve got you all covered up. We provide a wide range of flower types – be it the most vibrant or the most enigmatic among the list.

Of course, we always try to keep every piece unique and meaningful by picking only the freshest and the prettiest among the cluster. We also want to keep things extra by suggesting supplementary gift materials like champagne, cuddle toys, delicious pastries, and a bunch of sweet treats.

Here in Beato, expect to get only the most out of everything.




Confident enough that you have what it takes to create the best flower design? Then, why don’t you give it a try? Awaken the inner florist in you by availing our Whitespace service, a platform to test and train your flower design skills and create the best bouquet that will suit your taste and style. Providing our customers with a wide range of the freshest blooms through our flower bar, we aim to welcome all participants who long to decorate their own bunch. With the help of our on-site florists, we offer professional yet relaxing workshops that will help anyone arrive at his or her own masterpiece.


When it comes to flowers, nothing matters other than art and beauty. Be sure to welcome all these bundles with open arms and embrace a package that carries everything the world adorns. Immerse yourself in a universe that will forever bloom … only here at Beato.


Do not hesitate to contact our shop and take a hold of our flower masterpieces today.

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