Brand Mascots: Children as an Effective Marketing Strategy

Do you have a business that requires a marketing strategy to boost sales? Marketing can be a drag since you’ll never know how effective your strategy is until you’ve executed it. But have you asked yourself: “Do I need a mascot?”

Some brands use mascots as a form of portraying their image in the form of a costumed character. They can be cute, cuddly, and sometimes effective if done right. Depending on the type of business you’re handling, a mascot can be an effective way to get attention and represent the brand’s image.

One effective marketing strategy is using a child as your brand’s mascot! Children as mascots have been both portrayed commonly in the toy and food industry. They attract customers, especially if your target market is children. Why exactly are children effective as mascots?

Attract other kids

As previously mentioned, kids can attract other kids as well. If your target market is focused on children, then using a mascot should be a simple and effective way to portray your brand image as kid-friendly.

If done right, displaying either children or kid-friendly characters as your brand’s mascot can prove to be successful. Just learn how to execute perfectly, and you’ll be able to attract your target market in no time.

Cuteness sells

Children can be cute if they’re not annoying. Learn how to perfectly portray a kid-friendly ad, and you can gain a lot of customers. Be careful, though. If you’re planning to use children or characters in ads, now the difference between cute and annoying. Kids, when self-aware of their cuteness, can be annoying and obnoxious in the eyes of the viewers.

Organizing a marketing strategy with children can be fun too. You can hire children and get them each a custom-made costume in Singapore. This is sure to attract many customers with their cuteness!

Custom-made dance costumes, uniforms, and outfits can be cute if you know how to portray your image right. Take for example how in the fast food industry, they use children in commercials with colourful outfits or uniforms to attract other children. This is effective because kids can be easily influenced by other kids.

Don’t overdo it

Portraying your brand image with children as an attraction can be effective, but only if it’s done correctly. Overdoing this marketing strategy might have long term effects on your brand image. You wouldn’t want your marketing to rely solely on kids, don’t you? Try to make children a secondary marketing strategy.

Mascots are meant to provide an image, but not permanently. With children as short-term mascots, you can attract customers. But don’t let this be a long-term plan. Portray your brand image with children or characters as mascots, and you’ll gather enough attention to attract customers!

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