Jack Focus Connecting You to the Best Foreign Domestic Workers

Jack Focus is an effective maid agency in Singapore that will connect you to brilliant, talented, and responsible foreign domestic workers.

Because of the business of Singapore, we cannot help but become drained with the heavy workloads, and with the pressures that come along with it. There are other things that we neglect because of this, and one of them is housekeeping. If you live alone independently, the trouble is not as burdening – you will only deal with the mess you, yourself have caused. But if you already have a family of your own, it becomes harder.

This is why Jack Focus connects you to people that you would need, and can extend their expertise to you.  We at Jack Focus are very strict in screening foreign domestic workers that will work in your home. After this screening, we train them by international standards to suit your needs.

Jack Focus assures a good connection between you and the foreign domestic worker here in Singapore. We ensure every foreign domestic worker’s well-being, and at the same time, your adjustments and perspective with regard to the maid assigned to you. We take great importance to impartiality and fairness. Because of this, we have become a maid agency you can trust.

We believe that in order to serve you better, we must first take good care of the foreign domestic worker who eventually lives with you. For first-time foreign domestic workers, they will take a programme that will help them adjust, called Settling-In Programme. This programme involves a one-day orientation where safety precautions, and how living in Singapore is like are taught to them. For our quality service, our staff were awarded by PBS and SPRING Singapore for Critical Enabling Skills Training (CREST) programme.

For our services, we provide administrative assistance where we become in charge of all the documents that had to be run. We do good home leave processing for embassy endorsement, and transactions concerning work permits and passports. We also conduct medical check-ups for our agents.

We also cover the necessary logistics and lodging for our foreign domestic workers. We book and cover air tickets for them, and transport and escort them wherever they go.

In case you have a vacation or business ventures, your domestic worker can stay at our boarding house. This boarding house also doubles as training centres. With our service, you no longer have to plan their lodging, yourself.

Seeking our services will ensure good results for your house. You will no longer tolerate a dirty home, and take time off your rest days just to do general cleaning.

With our specially trained foreign domestic workers, we assure you nothing but convenience. You will no longer tolerate going out and buying food. Experience delicious home-cooked meals by the professional training our foreign domestic workers had so carefully and excellently fulfilled.

In need of someone to look after your home? Inquire at Jack Focus now, and gain not just a foreign domestic worker, but also a good friend.

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