4 Grand Opening Flowers I Loved from Smile Floral

My son has always wanted to open up a big boutique that distributes sports needs from different brands. Now that he has made it come true, what better way to celebrate his milestone, and welcome his luck by sending grand opening flower stands?

My son took pains of putting this shop together. He has invested in this that much not just with money, but also with blood, sweat, and tears. During the process of building his boutique, he was always so enthusiastic! As the finishing of his boutique nears, his enthusiasm becomes more enmeshed with anxiety. On these moments, I made sure to always be there. To lift his spirits and confidence up, I planned to send him a grand opening stand from this online flower shop that I had come across. Here are some of their arrangements that have earned my admiration:

  1. Monumental Victory

This grand opening flower stand has a colour combination of pink and red. Prices starting at S$108, this flower stand is arranged beautifully. You may have the option of adding a prosperity ingot balloon for good luck. It presents the flowers magnificently. It includes 10 dark pink gerberas, 10 light pink gerberas, red ginger, and other flowers that do a good job in accentuating these combinations.

  1. Abundant Prosperity

Also, with optional inclusion of prosperity ingot balloons, this grand flower stand presents a more friendly, youthful, and sunny feel. While the Monumental Victory has a passionate feel to it, Abundant Prosperity evokes a feeling of warmth and comfort with the friendliness it emits. It takes 10 yellow gerberas, 8 stalks of sunflowers, and other flowers. Its price starts at S$128

  1. Joyous Achievements

This arrangement looks clean yet playful at the same time. Its prices start at S$88 and may also be added with a helium balloon shaped like a prosperity ingot. This grand flower stand also looks youthful with 10 purple gerberas, 10 light pink gerberas, and other flowers. The stand that erects it is red in colour and has a light pink bow attached to it.

  1. Supreme Opulence

This grand opening flower is priced at S$128 as well. A red stand wrapped with beige strip fabric, and a gold ribbon erects it. This arrangement looks like a combination of everything fun with 9 stalks of orange gerberas, 9 stalks of pink gerberras, 9 stalks of lilies and 18 stalks of roses, accentuated with other flowers.

In the end, it is still too hard to choose but I went with Supreme Opulence. I had it grand opening flower stand delivered to his newly opened boutique so it would look elegant in at his entryway. When it arrived, my son became happy and called me right away to extend his thanks. I wished him good luck.

This online flower shop in Singapore that offers these fabulous grand opening stands is Smile Floral. Aside from flower stands, they also have many beautiful arrangements available for different themes and occasions. Your recipient will be very delighted upon receiving those beautiful flowers!

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