How Much It Costs to Send Your Kids to An International School in Singapore

“Where do you send your kid to school?”

Being an expat parent in Singapore, I am often asked this question, alongside other conversation starters, “what do you do for a living?” and “how much do you pay for rent?”

It has been five years when we moved to the country – with our barely 2-year-old daughter in tow – when my husband was assigned to oversee the Southeast Asian operations of his advertising company there.

Fast forward to 2018, my daughter is due to start in her primary next year and we’ve yet to decide where to enroll her.  

Now, we don’t really worry about the standard of the education system in the country, with Singapore being one of the top in the world in terms of upward educational mobility.

But, it really was the cost of sending her to school that kept us awake at night. We would have considered enrolling her to a local school, if not for the stories about how hard it can be to be admitted to a local school and how rigid its system could be. So, we decided she is better enrolled in an international school.

If you are like me, you’ve already searched online for the top international schools in Singapore, and to narrow down my options, searched further to identify which ones offer the most affordable fees. My curiosity has led me to this Honey Kids Asia article that details in a chart the cost of enrolling your child in over 20 different international schools.

However, what really piqued my interest was the Middleton International School that was listed with the most affordable annual fee of approximately $17,223. I wanted to learn more so I visited their website and booked for a tour. There, I learned further about the diverse and high-quality international curriculum they offer.


  • Chinese and English as an Additional Language


Aside from the general subjects English, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies, the Middleton International School also teaches additional languages that incite diversity and multicultural open-mindedness among students. The courses also encourage them to express their ideas both in speech and in writing.


  • Performing and Visual Arts


In addition, the Middleton International School also offers curriculum for the performing and visual arts based on the UK National Curriculum. These aim to provide equal opportunities for students to express themselves in art, craft, music and design, and extend their creativity beyond the disciplines of mathematics, science and language.


  • Physical Education


The Middleton International School also ensures the students have a balanced and holistic education by putting an equal emphasis on physical education. Aside from the well-equipped classrooms, well-resourced library and performing arts studio, there’s also a multi-purpose covered court where students can engage in different sports and extracurricular activities.  

Singapore has undeniably the most expensive international schools with annual tuition fees going as high as $49,000. However, they’re pricey for good reasons. The facilities are state-of-the-art, the teaching forces are composed of highly respected educators, the international curriculum is diverse. But, even when enrolling in an international school is expensive in general, the cost will still boil down on which school you are considering.

As for me, I have already decided to enroll my child at the Middleton International School, the school with the most affordable fee but without compromising the quality of education my child will get.

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