How Top Interior Designers in Singapore Can Increase Your Square Footage

Are you 35 and single?  Chance are you may be one of the many waiting for approval to buy your first HDB flat.  Nothing beats the feeling of being able to live independently and design your own living space in whatever way you want.

You start spending weekends going through design magazines and creating vision boards in Pinterest.  But while you notice that the pictures show well-decorated rooms, they are all neat and clutter-free.  Looking at the stuff that you have accumulated through the years, you wonder how these will fit into your future two-room flat.

So, before looking for top interior designers in Singapore, you can start researching for ideas on how to make full use of small spaces.

In this article, you will find very useful tips from interior designers.

Purge your stuff

If you are a sentimental person, you may have been hoarding quite a lot through the years.  Let this be your guideline – if it is spoiled, worn out or unable to be used, throw these items out immediately.

Once you have done this, what may remain are kitchen gadgets, small items from your trips to the dollar store and books.  Give these away to family and friends who may need these more.  Another option is to donate to charity or sell as second-hand items.

Keep things light

Space looks bigger if you use paint your walls white and use furniture in light or neutral colors.  Just add patterns and textures to keep things interesting.

Tricking the eyes

Mirrors give the illusion of space.  Glass dividers have the ‘see through’ effect which connects spaces.

Separate a room into zones

Consider splitting a large room into various functional areas – sleeping, work, entertainment.

The use of portable dividers can create immediate privacy in a work nook.  A sheer decorative curtain divider can also help.

A strategically placed table or chair can also work as a divider between areas.  Using different hues of paint colors can also achieve the same effect.

You can opt for removable dividers so that the room can be re-converted into one big room for parties or family events.

Dual purpose

Choose furniture that can serve multiple functions.  A kitchen storage cabinet can also serve as divider between rooms.  The sofa can double as a bed for guests.  An ottoman can serve as storage for small items.

Think vertically

Make use of the space between furniture and the ceiling.  Have built-in bookcases and cabinets installed.  Or use pegs in the wall to store your bags or hobbies.  This adds personality to the space.

Consider mounting your television on the wall.  A wall desk can also be mounted – just fold up the desk when needed.

Clear the floor

Nothing disrupts the appearance of a room than clutter on the floor.  Store your shoes in shelves or inside the closet.  Use rolling carts to keep small things and easily get them out of the way.

De-clutter often

Have a regular schedule to declutter.  Before buying any item, think first where it will be placed.  If it is absolutely necessary to buy it but no space for it now, clear other items.

Creatively maximize space

A dresser can be placed inside a closet.  Likewise, the TV or work table can be stored inside a cabinet.

Customize furniture

Given your limited space, have your furniture specially fitted.  Or you can consider expandable furniture – a four-seater dining table can be converted to a larger one when you have guests.

Rent storage

If you cannot throw your stuff just yet, consider renting storage.  You can easily redesign your place by recovering stuff from storage.  Just make sure that you keep an inventory list.

One important thing

If you are still looking for an interior company in Singapore, choose a Casetrust interior design company.

Being accredited with Casetrust means that these companies have been pre-screened for good business practices.  Instead of running away with the customer’s money or delivering shoddy work, these accredited companies give customers what they paid for. This will give you peace of mind that they will deliver as promised.

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