Seeking the Most Plush Designer Furniture Collection to Complete the Dream House of a Lifetime

As soon as they get their hard-earned and long-awaited salaries from their boss on payday, there are a lot of people who make a mad dash for the nearest shopping mall and outlet store because they want to splurge and spoil themselves with material things that attest to their success in their respective fields and chosen careers. There are also those who immediately make hotel reservations online, buy their discounted plane tickets at a fraction of the original price and pack up their bags systematically because they want to take a big break from all their professional duties and obligations as they enjoy a nice vacation somewhere warm and sunny. And then there are those who just stash away their cash in their offshore bank accounts because they want to accumulate as much money as they can while they are still relatively young, strong and driven to aim high and shoot for the stars.

But due to the fact that I refuse to cave in to the temptations of consumerism and capitalism and I also believe that we cannot take our worldly riches and money to the afterlife when we pass on to a better place, I just set aside a huge percentage of my earnings so that I can finally build the dream house that I have always wanted complete with plush designer furniture in Singapore because I deserve a place that I can call my own. While there are some workaholics who practically live in the office because they have dedicated their life and soul to their careers as well as party animals who head straight to the local bars and hottest clubs in town so that they can dance and drink until the break of dawn, I prefer to head straight to my humble abode so that I can chill out, put my feet up and relax all night long. This goes especially true now that I want to settle down, pull the reins a little bit, enjoy the fruits of my labour and start a family of my own.

And that is the reason why aside from buying designer sofa in Singapore for the living room so that I can de-stress and acclimatize to the home environment before sitting around the dining table and eating a delicious dinner with my beloved family, I also want to make sure that every member of the household have their own space so that they can feel comfortable all the time. Since I want the kids to explore and learn as much as they can outside the four walls of the academe, I want to give them a library full of books from different authors as well as a playroom and workshop where they are free to tap into their imagination and creative tendencies.

And since I want to bring a slice of nature into my home because the city life in the heart of the concrete jungle can be suffocating at times, I want to have my own flower garden complete with gazebos, stained deck and water fountain that will surely add a splash of life and colour into our grey, drab and dreary surroundings. And to make sure that we can still spend quality time with one another at the end of the day despite our busy lives and hectic schedules, I want to buy the most complete designer furniture collection available out there so that we can all sit down and reconnect on a deeper level when the sun goes down and the stars come out to play.

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