Veterinary Health Services

Are you an animal lover? Do you own a puppy or a kitten in your home? How do you take care of their daily and health needs?

Owning or taking care of a pet is not just a walk in the park. It involves dedication, love, time and money.  Animals like your pet dog or kitten live like how humans do. They need food, water and shelter.  Aside from the basic necessities, they also need regular grooming and health check-up. Just imagine how tedious and costly it is to take care just one pet. How much more if you have two or more? It is ridiculous as it may seem but if you are a true animal lover, you would understand why people spend much for these little creatures.

In an ecological perspective, humans should live with nature. And nature includes both plants and animals. Both should co-exist for them to live and prosper. In doing so, it is only right to respect and provide the needs of each other.

In the modern times, people have become aware that humans and animals share one home. It is also understood that when we share a home, we also share our food, our space, and other things that can be shared. Most often than not, animals are provided with special care and treatment.

Veterinary clinic or vet clinic in west coast Singapore is where animals are being taken cared of. It is a pet hospital in Singapore that provides varied services from consultation, surgical procedures, hospitalisations and treatments, to other services like grooming and pampering. While there are many pet hospitals, there are recommended vets in Singapore that offer quality and best care services to your pet. These services are outlined below.

  1. Consultations

Consultations in west coast Singapore vet clinic include advice and consultations on your pet’s health, nutrition and well-being. Veterinary doctors first conduct lifestyle check of the pet like its habit, food intake and others before proceeding to external examination and further diagnostics, if applicable. Nowadays, the practice of traditional Chinese medicine or combination of both Western and Chinese medicine is being used as a form of diagnosis of your pet’s health problems. This procedure includes acupuncture, herbal and food therapy.

  1. Surgical Procedures

Pet hospital in Singapore also provide surgery services ranging from sterilisation, soft tissue surgery, basic orthopaedic surgery, wound management, removal of growths and dental scaling and polishing. For more extensive surgical needs, there are appropriate surgeons who will handle the procedure for best outcome.

  1. Diagnostics

Diagnostics involve series or a number of laboratory tests. Generally, this vet services include blood test for complete blood counts, biochemistry, and viral screenings, testing for heartworm and tick disease, ultrasound and x-ray examinations.

  1. Hospitalisation & Treatments

Some vet clinics do not accept hospitalisation services. But for big pet hospitals that has hospitalization ward, admission of your pet for treatment and medication is allowed. Like how normal hospital works, pets are provided the best care and treatment with intensive monitoring (24hours).

  1. Other Services

Aside from grooming and pampering services, other vet services provided by big pet hospitals include physiotherapy and rehabilitation services for geriatric and debilitated animals. Physical therapy involving fitness training or weight management is sometimes being offered.

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