The Rising Demand of Double Eyelid Surgery from Korea to Singapore

Korea has been recognized as the world’s most cosmetically enhanced country. For every seventy-two South Koreans, one person has had some plastic surgery done. This data was collected by International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS). Hence, we can conclude that there are lots of plastic surgery going on in Korea.

From typical citizens to popular celebrity, there is no shame in getting any kind of cosmetic surgery in Korea for it is already accepted in the community. Besides, it is the parents who encourage their children to undergo surgeries to enhance their looks. Most times, plastic surgeries were given as a gift to kids after their graduation in high school.

One of these very popular surgeries that has been undergone by hundreds of thousands is the eyelid surgery Korea. Eyelid surgery is very subtle and simple but it makes a whole lot of difference to a person’s over all look. This surgery is conducted by making a crease above the eye to create a double eyelid which many Asian people are lacking. It has different methods like incisional and non-incisional procedure so people can have lots of choices depending on their preference.

Koreans really pay attention to how a person looks. When a person looks good, they were perceived as somebody who knows how to take of himself or someone who loves to take good care of his body. This actions could somehow also be translated into a person’s self-value which is a very attractive characteristic to anyone.

For a concrete example of how people value looks in Korea, let me give you a short example…

Rain is an international celebrity, singer, song-writer, model and actor based in South Korea. Having garnered millions of fans worldwide with more than a hundred awards under his belt, Rain is one of the leading figures of the K-pop music industry. Despite of his achievements, it is very unbelievable that this great idol was once rejected by a talent agency because he lacked ‘double eyelids’.

Monolids are very common in Asian races. That is why the spreading of Korean double eyelid surgery became inevitable to many countries especially in Singapore where almost 75% of the population is Chinese who mostly lack double eyelid.

Aside from aesthetical purposes, many Asian people seek the help of double eyelid surgery in Singapore to overcome certain difficulties due to having a monolid just like vision problems, and looking tired and sleepy all the time because of the excess skin or fat above the eyes.

Because of the continuing rise in demand, technological advancements even made plastics surgeries easier. For those who want to achieve double eyelid, techniques like scarless eyelid surgery in Singapore can easily be done through the expertise of a trusted surgeon with updated knowledge. So aside from understanding and deciding what kind of surgery you would want to have, also pay sufficient amount of time in finding the perfect doctor whom you will be dealing with to do the procedure then finally enjoy the beauty of your cosmetic transformation.

eyelid surgery korea

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