‘Comfort Science’ and New Mattresses

Rest and sleep are fundamental human activities that are crucial in the body’s recovery and rehabilitation. It is not surprising then that health sciences and affiliate fields are beginning to be more conscious of these activities. Although unofficially, the emerging pre-occupation with rest and sleep is slowly culminating into a field of meta-science called “comfort science”, a combination of physiological, mental and psychological fields associated with various sleeping and rest disorders.

A lot of the attention of this new science is on the often ignored importance of sleeping and resting materials particularly bed ergonomics, type of pillow, bed linens which are often selected based on comfort and price with little to no consideration on health repercussions. And in terms of rest and sleep, arguably the most important material is the bed mattress.  The type of bed mattress is often culprit in most cases of neck and back injuries among adults and kids alike.

In Singapore, numerous mattress shops offer a range of items to choose from since there is no such thing as a “best type” of mattress. In fact, science argues that a lot of it goes into personal, individual preference. There are however, basic considerations.

First, the balance between comfort and support is very important in finding the most appropriate bed mattress. Firm mattresses may provide the most ample support for back and neck but they can be too uncomfortable to get any good rest or sleep. They can also cause unnecessary stress on pressure points in the body which can lead to bone misalignments and pain. Soft mattresses on the other hand are considerably comfortable and help suit the body’s natural curves and movement but may lack necessary support and therefore cause joints to twist, lead to bad posture which may inevitably also cause pain.

Second, regardless of quality, the choice of material or physical composition of the mattress is just as important. There are traditional coils or inner spring mattresses which are actual spring and coils with soft paddings.  These mattresses are sturdier and generally more durable and do not deform easily due to coil or spring. However, the coil and spring also adds stiffness to the mattress.

As an alternative to traditional coil and spring mattresses, there are now various orthopedic mattress Singapore available in many mattress Singapore sale. There are the now popular foams which are made from low-resilience polyurethane which are sturdy and durable materials that have the ability to return to its original shape once pressure is removed.  Aside from memory foams, there are newer and high end brands of orthopaedic mattress that comes in natural latex, microcoils and recently, gel-infused memory foam. These foams have been proven successful in preventing various types of injuries that they are also being used in other applications such as cushioning in helmets and shoes, support in prosthetics products to prevent pressure ulcers, seating pads for people severely disabled individuals and even as extra paddings for space suits. But still, the general rule applies: the degree of comfort depends on the person or the individual using them.

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