Choosing the Right Furniture for Your Kid’s Room

Choosing furniture for your own home may not be as challenging as finding the right furniture for your kid’s room. For one, you have to forget about your adult concerns and be more focused on bearing in mind that kids have different needs and taste—so a lot of compromise and adjusting will be required from your end, as an understanding and wise parent.

Gladice, an interior designer and personal shopper, who is used to shopping for modern outdoor furniture for her clients, shared some valuable concerns and factors to consider when finding the right furniture for a kid’s room, “First and foremost, you need to keep in mind that safety comes first. We know how our beloved little rascals can be too carefree and frisky that they don’t care if they get hurt. You need furniture that are not too high because they are likely to jump and take a sudden leap on them when they play. Make sure too that the furniture don’t have much edges that can hurt the children. Kids bump into things frequenty so make sure to avoid those frightening cuts. Second, consider the floor area of the room. If the room is relatively small, usually only a bed, a study table, and a cabinet will fit. Third, your budget, of course. As much as we want to give them everything, if the budget is quite tight, we should stop ourselves from spoiling them.”

“Get your child’s opinion. Unless you are decorating a nursery, children age 3 and up can tell you what they like and don’t like.  This doesn’t mean you let them pick the wall color, window treatments and flooring! It does mean that this will be their room, and they will enjoy it more if they had a say in how it looks.  For ease of conversation, pick themes, colors and ideas beforehand and present a few options.  Then have them choose from your options. If you are stuck as to where to start, look to furniture manufacturer magazines and online resources for inspiration,” wrote Ronique Gibson in her article for titled How to Choose Kid’s Room Furniture that You’ll Both Love.

Michael, who owns a furniture shop in Singapore, shared, “Just like choosing any other types of furniture, furniture for kids isn’t too different. You have to forget about your own taste and think of the welfare of the children. Get yourself in their shoe. For instance, would they appreciate a wooden bench over a comfy bean bag? Again, think like a child, but more responsibly.”

Zcharina, who had to buy some kids furniture in Singapore last month, shared how she successfully found the right pieces for her son’s room, “I took my kid with me when I shopped. We got a bed shaped like his favourite toy car, got some throw pillows, a rubber mat, a curtain with a Batman print, a cabinet, a small aquarium for his fishes,  and a computer table. Basic things. We compromised in the end because I originally wanted a book shelf instead of a new aquarium. He helped in designing the wallpaper too so it was a team effort. What a way to bond with my child. The key here is to be more tolerant and more understanding. I was thinking that after some years, I would have to buy a more adult furniture for him but I guess that is quite too far away since he is just 9.”

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