What Travel Insurance to Get

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Travelling enriches a person. The appeal of meeting new people, experiencing new cultures and ways of life or simply being inĀ  a new place are forms of discoveries that broadens a persons worldview. Although the inclination to go places has been an almost natural human inclination, it has even become even more appealing due to communication-informationĀ  technology that has provided conveniences that were absent in the past. Plane booking, hotel reservations, price canvassing were stressful parts of travelling that took away from the whole appeal of going places. Today however all of this can be easily done over the net especially with a plethora of on-line travel services.

As such, there has been an exponential increase in migration, tourist and other transnational cross-border movements in the last 5 years. A quick survey of travel agencies show that there has been a 30% increase in visa applications.

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