Reasons To Wear Sunglasses

There are several reasons to wear sunglasses. And for certain, wearing one is not solely to look trendy at any given time.

For people who are very much into outdoor sports like cycling, wearing sports sunglasses should be mandatory, as Neil from Singapore remarked, “The last thing you want is to damage your eyes while enjoying your favourite sport. While you bike or cycle, you don’t know what the air carries as it brushes on your face. It’s good to have a total protection to make sure nothing gets to your eyes unnoticed.”

Similarly, an article titled 5 Benefits of Wearing Sunglasses for Outdoor Sports by Simon of the website, protection is one of the main concerns to use sunglasses, “One of the main reasons for wearing sunnies for cycling is the fact that they offer the ultimate protection. This is vital as they will keep those nasty UVA/UVB rays from entering your peepers. This is essential for those who want to take to the roads in their pursuit of happiness! Summer is often the most trying time for outdoor sporting enthusiasts. With the sun coupled with the elements such as dust, it can prove to be a tricky period. UV rays have been attributed to a wealth of eye related disorders. Consequently, investing in a good quality pair of shades is certainly the way to go. They will not only reduce glare dramatically but enhance your performance on those paths and tracks. Wave goodbye to dirt and debris and say hello to enjoying those outdoor sports.”

Mark, who is a member of a mountaineering group in Singapore, shared how he always wear clip on sunglasses every time he is about to hike with his team, “I wear sunglasses for three reasons: visibility, style, and protection. If you choose the right sunglasses, you can see better with the right lens. And if you choose the right frame, it can actually make you look more stylish. And of course for protection. The scorching heat of the sun does not only damage the skin, our eyes are very vulnerable as well. Think of the sunglasses as your sun block. ”

Wearing sunglasses can prevent you from developing eye-related diseases like skin cancer (our eyelids are prone to this when they are constantly exposed to the sun); cataracts; macular degeneration (which could lead to vision loss or blurriness); photokeratitis (or sunburn in the eye area); and pterygium (the sun can cause abnormal growth of tissue or surfer’s eye).

According to article Sport Sunglasses: Controlling Light, Enhancing Performance by Gary Heiting for, sports sunglasses are able to ‘manage light for better performance’, “Vision is, of course, about how we process light to create the images we see.  All light, including outdoor sunlight, is composed of a variety of electromagnetic rays of different colors, determined by their wavelengths. Rays of violet, blue, green, yellow, orange and red light each have a specific wavelength, depending on color. When combined, these colored rays create white light. When transmittance of certain wavelengths into the eye is selectively reduced, tinted performance sunglasses can diminish glare and enhance contrast sensitivity. With this ability to see with greater speed, accuracy, clarity and comfort, the athlete may have a key advantage over competitors. This extra edge of better vision with sports sunglasses can manifest itself in different ways, depending on the sport. In golf, for example, tinted lenses can enhance contrast between light and dark patterns of the grass on greens, enabling you to ‘read’ greens better for more accurate putting,”


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