What Is Your Calling? This Is Why I Want To Be a Teacher

hospitality courses in Singapore

Being a teaching is precious commitment and valuable contribution to the society. Everyone has the right to be educated. Education is essential in order to survive. We all know how important studying is, how it helps the progress in society and progress as a person.  As an instructor, you are something other than a teacher: you are a guide, a companion and more importantly their second family who teaches a proper ethics.

I don’t want to be a prototype teacher who just studies the lecture and share it with the students even without asking them if they understood the lecture. I want to teach children to be curious the existence of life itself.  It offers a transfixing beauty of the students staring at you and listening to your lecture. Children who wanted to learn. I can almost see their bright future ahead of them. I can see in their eyes that they are now daydreaming to a place where they can conquer the world with their intelligence.

My teachers in Singapore were flat-out generous to patiently explain the things to us. Because of the school hospitality and excellence, they have even received a diploma in hospitality management. Which is one of the prestigious awards that you can get among the hospitality courses in Singapore. They have become my inspiration to teach. From there, I realized that my calling is to teach kids and make them brilliant. I want to be one of those teachers that would eventually become proud with her students.

I took up tourism course in Singapore, it is quite far from what I’m doing now – which is teaching. I shifted course and learned the art of teaching.  It typically isn’t about the cash why I changed my course, there’s a lot of things I have considered before this life-changing decision. As a matter of fact, you won’t make a lot of money being a teacher compare to a computer engineer. Don’t get me wrong, tourism is also a great course to choose, but my commitment to teaching students has touched me to the deepest level. There was a time where I have questioned myself what is really a point of living or what is my purpose in life. Teaching fits my altruistic viewpoint to teach individuals and bring back something to the community. If you want to teach students, you should love what you are doing and you’re passionate about it.

Teachers have an impact in molding the students not only to be a good student but also to be a good citizen of the country as well. More importantly, being a teacher will give you a chance to have a part in shaping the next generation. Teaching is a fun thing to do, especially if you’re teaching kids who are not afraid to throw you a lot of silly questions. You know that you are having an impact on someone’s life. You are continually expanding their knowledge and every day you give them an input on what they need to learn it’s an astonishing reward to realize that you are helping other people continually.

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